So much to enjoy

Get to know artists, galleries and museums from all over the world and the art they show and offer. Especially during World Art Week.

Find out which artists, galleries and art museums are participating in your country and in your area, and if that’s too far away, at least visit their websites.  Do you find their art interesting? Let yourself be seduced and take a look anyway. Or else, call them, mail them.  Make contact and experience the art as it is meant to be. Enjoy.

During World Art Week most participants organize something special. This is what the World Art Week is all about: all over the world, in the same week, you can enjoy offers, promotions, special tours, demonstrations and much more. Check to see what World Art Week participants are offering you. Can’t you wait? Then check out the beautiful art on display right now. Enjoy.

Would you like to do more with or for the World Art Week in your country? Let everyone know about the World Art Week in November. Tell your friends about the initiative and the website. And let everyone know that World Art Week is in November every year. Share the happiness of art. Whatever you do with art, enjoy. Enjoy the versatility of art, the surprise that art can offer, the pleasant stimulation of your eyes and your mind, enjoy the art that can captivate and keep captivating.

Art comes in all sizes, all genres and all prices. Art is for everyone and certainly also for you. Enjoy. And enjoy extra with the World Art Week participants:

In short, the World Art Week dynamizes visual art and turns it into a global event with participants from more than 27 countries. During the World Art Week in November visual art offers you is extra enjoyment.