Join the most active international art movement now. Participate, profit, enjoy and let the world know that art is to enjoy life.

The World Art Week connects people around the world. Art has no barriers. Art brings together and makes connections. Show that art can be beautiful, intriguing, captivating, fascinating and stimulating, especially during World Art Week


I want to support the World Art Week and show the world that I‘m an art lover. I also might organize or participate in one or more activities. At least I have the right to use the World Art Logo.

As a token of my sympathy for the World Art Week, I transfer an amount of my choice (> € 10) to the World Art Week Foundation.


I want to participate in World Art Week. I want to benefit from my participation and the worldwide publicity that my participation will receive. I might organize one or more activities during the World Art Week. If I organize an activity, action or anything else during the World Art Week, I will inform the World Art Week about my activities so that they can be mentioned on the website.

I am an artist

I represent a gallery

I represent a museum (or any art-related organization other than a gallery)

If you represent a different kind of art-related organization and want to make special arrangements, please send an e-mail to