New dates

For the second year, the corona virus threw a spanner in the works. Three times is the charm. Could we now have a real World Art Week? The new dates are known. The World Art Week is from November [...]

New participants

The past few months, new artists have joined the World Art Week. With more and more participating artists, galleries and museums, the World Art Week is gaining more and more support. The [...]

The new edition

Hopefully, the all-pervading virus will be conquered in 2021 and a normal global Art Week can take place in November. If you are not yet a participant, we invite you to be part of the global [...]

Snapshot of the year

Snapshot of the year is a new international competition, for everyone who takes pictures! Officially, a snapshot is ‘an informal photo taken quickly, usually with a small handheld [...]

Certified Artists

Certified visual artists stand out from the many millions of artists around the world. They meet important, mostly objective quality criteria. Verification against the criteria takes place by the [...]


For a whole year, a collage of artworks by participants of the World Art Week will travel around the world. Contributions can be submitted by participants of the World Art Week, during August and [...]

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