1. What is the primary goal of the World Art Week?
The primary goal is to organize a worldwide event to put visual arts in the spotlight, mainly for the benefit of visual artists, galleries, museums and, of course, art lovers. An event that takes place in countries all over the world. In the same period: every year in November during a full week.

2. If I take part in the World Art Week, will I make commitments for several years?
No, you only participate or support the World Art Week for 1 year, unless you indicate otherwise.

3. How reliable is the organization behind the World Art Week?
Since 2003, so over 16 years, the Art Week Foundation, in cooperation with thousands of artists and very many organizations related to art, has been organizing numerous activities.
The Art Week Foundation has published about thirty art books, organized more than fifty large-scale art fairs, compiled hundreds of editions of art magazines and realized numerous events and actions.
The activities involve artists from around 20 countries. The Art Week Foundation is praised for the active preparation and realization of numerous projects in the field of visual arts. The Foundation is supported by nearly one hundred ambassadors with excellent reputations.

4. Why should I participate?
As a participant in the World Art Week, you will join the largest visual arts event ever organized worldwide. In doing so, you will support a worldwide movement and show yourself to be a committed and active party.
Your name or the name of your gallery or museum and your website will be published on the World Art Week website. In addition, your name or the name of your gallery, museum or organization you represent will be mentioned in the World Art Week newsletter.
The activities and/or promotions that you offer during the World Art Week will also be mentioned on the website.
By using the World Art Week logo, you can proudly refer to the worldwide event and indicate that you are offering one or more actions or offers during World Art Week.

5. Is the World Art Week an art fair?
The World Art Week is not an exhibition, fair or event organized in one place. The World Art Week is a combination of a very large number of activities in relation to art, offers and events, organized in countries all over the world. And all during the World Art Week, this year November 7-15.
(Yearly there is an international art fair in Amsterdam: https://europartfair.com.)

6. Can I use the World Art Week logo if I don’t pay?
We cannot forbid you from using the World Art Week logo, but we hope that you understand that the organization of World Art Week costs a lot of money. We therefore ask you to contribute a modest amount to the organization. See https://worldartweek.com/participate-or-support.

7. Do I get the guarantee that World Art Week will take place in many countries around the world?
The organization already has commitments from artists and art related organizations from more than 15 countries that they will participate in the World Art Week. Because of these commitments, the question can be answered with ‘yes’ without reservation.

8. Is this the first edition of the World Art Week?
Yes, this year (2020) the World Art Week takes place for the first time. However, a large-scale Art Week has taken place in the Netherlands for more than 10 years. Research in 2019 has also shown that there is widespread interest in a worldwide Art Week. We can therefore assume that from this year the World Art Week will take place annually.

9. Who’s behind the World Art Week?
The World Art Week is made possible by a dozen financiers who are passionate about art. But without the small contributions of those who participate in the World Art Week and the supporters, the global organization cannot take place on the scale to which we aspire. So actually, the answer to this question is: hopefully you!
Show your sympathy for the initiative with a modest donation and become a supporter of World Art Week: https://worldartweek.com/support.

10. Participants can win prizes?
Initially, World Art Week participants win publicity, attention, good will and more. And yes, there are also cash prizes to be won. World Art Week participants will receive all relevant information in the newsletters sent to them.

11. Why is the World Art Week unique?
Because there has never been an art event for a week all over the world. And in all participating countries at the same time. In which art museums, galleries, other art related organizations and artists participate. Professionally organized, by an experienced staff and driven employees. Supported by numerous supporters and active participants in countries all over the world. The World Art Week is a signal that cannot be missed.

12. There are two different newsletters?
Yes, there are: one general newsletter for anyone interested and one specific newsletter for participants. Anyone can subscribe to the general newsletter, the newsletter for participants is for World Art Week participants only.

13. Can I get an invoice for my paid contribution for participation in World Art Week?
Of course. If you send us an email and ask for an invoice (mention your name and mention that you are a participant of World Art Week and would like an invoice for your participation), you will receive the invoice by email within a few (working) days.

14. Is the use of the logo of the Word Art Week limited to the World Art Week in November?
No, Participation in the World Art Week entitles you in the (calendar) year of participation to the unlimited and free use of the World Art Week logo, stating the dates of the World Art Week in the year of participation.
The logo can be used on your website, on entrance tickets, lottery tickets, posters, business cards, folders, banners, flags and so on. Everything you do, can be provided with the World Art Logo. Not only during World Art Week, but this whole year, from now until the end of December 2020.

15. I have another question, not asked here.
Send your question to 
info@worldartweek.com and you will receive the answer within a few working days.