In anticipation of the election of the world’s most esteemed artist, every year during World Art Week the most esteemed European artist is chosen by art connoisseurs and art lovers.

Who is the most appreciated artist of Europe?

The election takes place in three rounds:

  • every participating country sends in the most appreciated artist of the country (first day of the World Art Week),
  • a panel of more than one hundred international art connoisseurs selects the ten most appreciated artists (second day of the World Art Week),
  • art lovers in all countries of the world choose the most appreciated artists out of the ten artists that are chosen by the panel (third day to the last but one day of the World Art Week).

The European Artist of the Year will be announced on the last day of the World Art Week.

Soon you will find more details about the election on this page.

Do you want to know more about the election?

If you want to organize the election of the National Artist of the Year in your country, please send us an email ( and you’ll receive all relevant information.