In early 2018, an art collector, gallery owner and curator met at an international art fair. The art collector mentioned the idea of starting a global activity in favor of the visual arts. This was the start of what led to the World Art Week.

Six weeks later almost $ 20.000,- had been raised and the idea was turned into an initiative that was introduced at a special meeting with directors of art museums, gallery owners, leaders of creative workshops, directors of organizations connected to art and potential sponsors. Since then, in less than six months, more than two hundred art-loving people have pledged their cooperation.

What is the World Art Week striving for?

Many visual artists make valued work, but the appreciation is by no means always reflected in a fair remuneration. In a world where marketing, advertising and contacts lead to success, an artist often has a hard time. One of the objectives of World Art Week is to offer a publicity platform to all visual artists in the world.

However, the objectives of the World Art Week are more comprehensive: the World Art Week puts the visual arts, the creators of visual arts and the places where visual arts can be seen and bought, in the spotlight. Not just locally, regionally or nationally, but internationally, all over the world. Massive. Simultaneous. With room for individual interpretation by individuals and local and national parties.

Initiatives with more or less similar goals have not had a long life in the past. Others still exist, but do not flourish. This is understandable, because visual art does not have a large following, such as music has.

So why will the World Art Week be a success?

For all these reasons:

  • the art world realizes that publicity for visual art is useful and even more necessary,
  • the art world is aware that large-scale collaboration is a great strength,
  • the World Art Week gives local initiatives all the space they need,
  • part of the World Art Week is the high-profile European Artist of the Year election,
  • the World Art Week is supported by a functional, English (and later also Spanish) website,
  • the publicity and activities cost money that is raised by small contributions from thousands of people involved,
  • use is made of existing knowledge of and experience with large-scale international activities related to art,
  • from the start, a very large number of people have been involved in the World Art Week.

But without the involvement of very, very many people in all countries around the world, the World Art Week will not become a worldwide known phenomenon. We need you! Grab the outstretched hand. Join us and show the world that you want to promote and support visual art. Become a participant or sponsor or send your token of support and/or your special idea to