Since 2003 the Art Week Foundation, in cooperation with thousands of artists and very many organizations related to art, has been organizing various activities in the yearly Art Week, such as a major event that leads to the election of the Artist of the Year.

Furthermore, the Art Week Foundation has published about thirty art books, organized more than fifty large-scale art fairs, compiled hundreds of editions of art magazines and realized numerous events and actions for the benefit of artists, galleries, art museums, art lovers and art collectors.

The Art Week Foundation collaborates with individual artists and art lovers, as well as with organizations that wish to strengthen themselves with the knowledge and experience of the Art Week Foundation.

Institutions that want to organize one or more activities in their country during the World Art Week or only want to be involved with one of more of these activities can make this known by sending an email to

A feature of organizing activities during the World Art Week is the logo of World Art Week.
The use of the logo is reserved for parties and persons who participate in any way in the World Art Week. See Participating.

If you have a particular question, use the response form, mail or phone us (ask for David Polak).

Art Week Foundation
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If you want to know more about how it started, here you read about the start and background of World Art Week.

All activities of the World Art Week as well as on all advice and all services to people and organizations that collaborate with, participate in and sponsor the World Art Week are subject to these General Terms and Conditions.

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