This year will feature the first worldwide poster election with the theme Imagine the world like this. The winning poster will be on display all over the world during the World Art Week 2020, to make everyone smile, reflect, and show that artists can be creative and make surprising things.

How does it work?
Until 15 October 2021, every artist can submit his or her poster design with the text Imagine the world like this. During this period all poster designs can be emailed to mentioning ‘poster election 2021’ (all designs must be in high resolution and are preferably mailed through
Participants in the Word Art Week can participate in the poster election free of charge. If you are not a participant in the World Art Week, transfer € 29 to IBAN NL60RABO0315799935 on the same day that you e-mail your poster, mentioning ‘poster election 2021’ and your name.

The entries
All submitted posters will be shown on the World Art Week website. The name of the artist and his or her website will be mentioned with each poster.

The jury and the results of the election
The posters will be judged by five jury members professionally involved in the visual arts, namely a curator, an art collector, an urban artist, a cartoonist, and a poster designer.
The overall winner and the four other winning posters that receive the highest ratings from the judges will be announced in the week before World Art Week (early November).

What is there to win?
The artist who designed the winning poster will be honored with € 500 (approximately $ 560). The winning poster will also be published in various media and placed on the World Art Week website in such a way that everyone can download and print the poster. In addition, the posters that finish in 2nd to 5th place will receive an honorable mention. The winning poster will mention the name and website of the artist who designed the poster. The cash prize will only be awarded if a minimum of 100 posters are submitted for participation in the election.

Join in and design a poster. Or join in, print the winning posters in multiples and hang them up everywhere so that the world can enjoy the winning posters.

  1. Conditions of participation in addition to the information mentioned above:
  2. Anyone may submit one or more self-designed posters.
  3. On the poster, the text Imagine the world like this must be prominently visible.
  4. Participants in the World Art Week can send in one or more (up to a maximum of 6) posters free of charge, non participants in World Art Week can transfer € 29 to IBAN NL60 RABO 0315 7999 35 for each poster on the same day that the poster is mailed, mentioning ‘poster election 2021’ and their name.
  5. Insulting or otherwise inappropriate posters will be rejected without explanation.
  6. No images subject to copyright may be included in the submitted poster.
  7. It must be possible to print the poster in A3 format or larger.
  8. The name of the maker and his or her website may be mentioned on the poster in the manner and format indicated on the examples.
  9. Paid participation fees are non-refundable.
  10. Usage rights: All the posters entered in this competition can be used only in connection with the competition and not for any other marketing purposes except for promoting this competition. The participant gives the organization of the competition permission to publish the image on the website, in related newsletters, e-mails and in all printed outings of or about the competition. The participant does not receive any financial compensation for this and cannot derive any other rights from this.
  11. The World Art Week, as the organizer of the election, may at any time make changes to the terms and conditions of the election or terminate the election. Participants do not derive any rights from changes or the termination of the election.
  12. In cases not provided for in the conditions of participating, the World Art Week is entitled to decide and act as it sees fit.
  13. There will be no correspondence about the election.

Between 1 August and 15 October 2020 all poster designs can be emailed to mentioning ‘poster election 2020’ (all designs are preferably mailed through

During the World Art Week (7-15 November) you can hang the winning poster wherever you want and where it is allowed.

Submitted posters